To every thing there is a season.

The Oncology Massage Education Associates (OMEA) teaching team is transitioning and transforming after 18 years.  We have been very special to one another, not only professionally but also personally.

This picture of us taken 7 years ago in Santa Fe; our regard for one another radiates out from it.

There is, however, no sadness about the transition that is happening now. It is time.

Mary Aguilera-Titus, Cheryl Smith, and Annette Lovett will continue on under the OMEA umbrella for awhile longer before branching off into their own teaching platforms.

Stay tuned! We will post their new contact information when it is available. For now you can find their teaching schedules on this website.

OMEA founder, Gayle MacDonald, has taught her last oncology massage class and is working now in her astrology practice (GeminiMoonVentures.com).

Mary Peifer, Meg Robsahm, and Angela Secretan have also wrapped up their oncology massage teaching careers to further pursue other means of expressing their gifts and talents.

Several years ago our teaching mates, Jamie Elswick and Jean Van Etten, retired to private lives that include grandchildren, bird watching, and living a slower life.

We have loved learning from and teaching all of you. It has been the honor of a lifetime.

Blessings! Be well until we meet again.

Oncology massage, the world over, is driven by touch therapists who feel called to this rewarding profession. They work with a deep and abiding devotion to the heart of the world. They hold joy and suffering and walk willingly with those who ask.

                        —Gayle MacDonald

                 Medicine Hands, 3rd Ed.